Have questions about your Hoft Studio jewels? We've curated a list of quick links and FAQ's to help! If you still have questions, please fill out our contact form below and we will be in touch shortly.

Frequently asked questions

Is it really permanent jewelry?

Our high-quality 14k gold filled + sterling silver chains are durable and made to last on your wrist, however if you need to remove your bracelet you can cut it with scissors. 

What metals do you offer?

We offer 14kt gold filled + sterling silver metals.

How do I care for my permanent jewels?

Caring for your permanent jewelry is easy! Simply lather your chain with soap + water, scrub, and rinse!

What if my chain breaks or stretches?

Worried about potential damages to your permanent jewelry? We’ve got you covered. Our delicate chains are chosen for their minimalist design and ease for everyday wear. If your jewelry were to break, we will do our best to repair it for you. Please note, we are not liable for lost chains.

What about airport security?

TSA won’t ask you to remove your fine jewelry when going through security. Your jewelry will travel with you no matter where you go!

Do you have a permanent jewelry location?

While we currenly do not have a physical location, we do regularly pop-up at local shops! Be sure to follow us on social for up-to-date permanent jewelry events happening near you! @houseofhoft

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