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Explore what Hoft Studio is all about and be part of the movement. We're here to grow together, celebrate each other, and break boundaries. Join us in this journey.

"We're on a mission to celebrate your individuality and change the way you experience jewelry."

our story

Founded in 2020 by Amber, Hoft Studio's origin story traces back to the scenic landscapes of northern Michigan. Amber, driven by a lifelong passion for creativity, initially pursued a career in digital design. However, a pivotal moment in college, where she explored jewelry-making, ignited a spark that led to a shift in her creative journey. Recognizing a longing to be physically creative and bring tangible beauty into the world, Amber embraced her heart's desire and ventured into jewelry design. Hoft Studio emerged from countless hours of dedication and creativity, evolving beyond crafting jewelry to creating an empowering brand that weaves stories and offers a personal and engaging experience.

Today, Hoft Studio stands as a testament to Amber's transformative journey, starting from a dream in northern Michigan and resonating as a nationwide brand. More than just jewelry, it reflects dreams, dedication, and an empowering spirit that propels Hoft Studio forward.

our community

Step into the Hoft Studio community – where our journey began in the beauty of northern Michigan, and you're the heart of our story. It's not just about jewelry; it's about creating, empowering, and sparking something amazing together.

Our energy is all about collaboration and fresh connections. It's a perpetual party. Join the Hoft Studio crew & let's make magic happen!


"From the beginning, I've always had a drive to create something that would help women feel more confident and empowered. I want to say that it wasn't just the drive that brought this new chapter, it was you who truly made this dream come true. Without your love and support of Hoft Studio, none of this would have came to be so and for that I am forever grateful. Together, we've created a community of women that build each other up through commonality and it's a more beautiful journey than I could have ever imagined.
Thanks my loves."